How to Mount Instagram Prints on Mini-Canvases


Here's a super-easy way to display your favorite 3-inch or 4-inch Instagram or other square prints by mounting them on square mini-canvases.

You can find the canvases at craft stores or on Amazon (links below). You can learn more about Kanvess print sizes and border options for printing photos from Instagram or any uploaded photo.

Mini-canvas and Instagram print for mounting

First you’ll need a favorite square photo print. The one in the picture is a 4-inch borderless print. Then you’ll need a mini-canvas that’s the same size. You can buy them in white or in black, and if you’re really ambitious you could paint the sides of the canvas a custom color. The canvas frames are a little more that 3/8″ thick.

Scoth Adhesive Dot Roller for mounting prints to mini-canvases

The easiest and cleanest way to attach the print to the canvas is to use an adhesive dot roller. Here we’re using the Scotch permanent adhesive dot roller, which is photo safe.

Applying adhesive to mini-canvas for mounting a square photo print

Just run the roller along all four edges of the canvas. It leaves a nice trail of little tiny sticky dots, which you can see in the next picture. You just lift up the roller (or roll right off the end!) when you get to the end of a side.

Adhesive dots on mini-canvas ready to mount photo

Here you can see the adhesive dots along the sides of the canvas. It’s a very easy and neat way to do this without messing with glue or tape.

Placing a photo print on a mini-canvas

Next you place your Instagram print (or any square photo) on the canvas, starting by lining it up at one edge. If you place it lightly to begin with, the adhesive is forgiving and you can make small adjustments before pressing it down.

Pressing down the photo print mounted on a mini-canvas

Once you’ve got it all lined up, press down on all of the edges to make it nice and smooth. You’ll probably want to use a clean cloth so you don’t get fingerprints on your photo.

Instagram photo print mounted on mini-canvas

And there you go, a nicely mounted Instagram print that you can hang on the wall with a tiny nail, or even display on a mini easel like in the next picture.

Lots of ways to mount and display photo prints on mini-canvases

Here’s a variety of combinations to give you some ideas. The 3-inch photos on white in the middle were printed with a vintage white border, which can look as cool on your wall as in your hand or an album.

You should be aware that the canvases may be ever-so-slightly smaller than your prints, but even if there’s a tiny overlap, they look great and “stand out” on your wall.

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