Send a “Love Latte,” or share a “Camera Macchiato!”


What's way better than a greeting card, and lasts a lot longer than a latte? A Love Latte, Camera Macchiato, or Picuccino made of photos! All for about the price of a fancy espresso drink.

It’s so simple to send a cool and meaningful greeting to someone you care about. And cheap, too–we’ve moved our minimum back to 6 photos for now, so that’s just $4.95 shipped with tracking (U.S. addresses).

  1. Choose 6 or more photos to print, from Instagram, your photos, or a mix of both.
  2. While checking out, check the “Handle as a gift” box.
  3. Choose your gift pic background–a┬áLove Latte, Camera Macchiato, Picuccino, or gift package. (See the samples below.)
  4. Type in your message.
  5. Finish checking out, including where you want to send your creation.

We’ll put your gift pic right on top.┬áThere won’t be anything else in there to distract from your gift or message.

Here are the backgrounds for the gift pic you can choose from.



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