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Editing your photos step-by-step

Use the editor controls in the cart

After you have uploaded some files or loaded some files from Instagram into your cart, open the Kanvess photo editor with the top left button on one of your previews.

If you want to order different versions of the same photo (like one in color, and one in black and white), make a new version with the top middle button.

After you have edited a photo and you come back to your cart, the edit button shows that the photo has been changed.

You can always go back and remove your edits or re-edit you photo—we always keep your original.

When you remove a photo from your cart, only that one is removed. If you have made more than one version, the others will still be there.

We never change your Instagram account in any way, so of course we do not delete the photo from Instagram.

If you remove the only version of an uploaded file, then you'll have to upload it again if you change your mind.

When you view a large version of your photo, there is a download button on that screen. The file will be a square photo that is the same size as an Instagram photo, 640 x 640 pixels.

Use the quantity controls to order copies of the same photo.

Hint: If you want to order lots of copies of the same photo, you don't have to press the button 50 times—just click on the number itself and type in the quantity that you want.

After you open the editor

How to rotate you photo

If your photo needs to be rotated, use the buttons at the top after you open the editor.

How to crop and zoom your photo

When you open the editor you will be on the Crop tab. Click the Crop button to get started.

The crop area is always a square. You can move the square by dragging it, and change the size (zoom in) by dragging the corners of the crop area.

If you uploaded a file, it was probably bigger than an Instagram photo, so you can zoom in more and still get a clear photo print.

Note: We won't let you zoom too far. If you can zoom it, then your photo will still be nice and detailed (as long as your photo was clear, of course).

When you're finished selecting a crop area, press the Apply button to see your cropped image. You can always go back and change or remove the cropping. We always save your original photos.

You can change or remove the cropping on the Crop tag at any time using the buttons below your photo.

This is about how far you can crop an Instagram photo and still be guaranteed a nice clear print. Again, we won't let you go too far.

How to make Backgrounds

Backgrounds are only for non-square photos that you upload. (Square photos don't have any room for a background.)

If you're editing a square photo from Instagram, or uploaded a square photo, or have already cropped your photo to a square, then you can't open the background tab.

The two types of backgrounds available are "Color" and "Blur." (See below for examples.)

For a color background, you get a choice of up to 27 colors take directly from your photo. (Cool, huh?)

Just click on a color to select. Click on the "None" button to remove the color and just show a white background.

The "blur" background extends your photo to a square using a blur effect.

This works better on some photos than others, but you can always give it try. You can change your edits anytime.

How to use Filters

Filters can be added in any combination, so go for it!

The "Improve" filter automatically adjust colors, contrast and lightness.

"Improve" works better on some photos than others. You can always try it and turn it off again.

You can combine the "Black and white" filter with the "Improve" filter for some nice results.

The basic "Vignette" filter puts the center of your photo in a "dreamy circle" with a white background. (You can only use the Vignette filter on square photos, so you might have to crop your photo to a square first.)

Note:The Vignette filter is pretty fancy, so it can take a little time to make, especially if you add the "Blur" background. Please be patient.

The Blur background makes the rest of your photo a light unfocused background for your dreamy circle.

The Color background lets you choose from up to 27 colors that are found in your photo for the background of your vignette.

Save your changes and close the editor

When you're finished editing, press the Save button to save your changes and return to your cart. (Of course you can press Cancel to close the editor without saving your changes.)

If you haven't made any changes, the Save button won't work. Just press Cancel to close.

If you have made changes, then the editor button for that photo will be green with a check box next to it in your cart.

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