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Instagram Step-by-Step

Go to the "Start Your Order" page

Get to the Start Your Order page either from the top menu, or the big button on the home page.

After you select your print type and shipping country (both required), go to the Choose Some Photos section and press the big button.

Open the Instagram Pop-up

Press the Instagram to open the Instagram pop-up.

Connect to Instagram

Press the Connect to Instagram button to connect to your account and access your photos.

Log Into Instagram

If you are not already logged into the Instagram website, you will be prompted to login to your account.

The first time you use the Kanvess website, you'll also need to authorize Kanvess to access your photos (see the next step).

Authorize Kanvess

You'll need to authorize Kanvess to access your photos if you want us to print them. Don't worry—we'll never change anything or post anything in your Instagram account. We just want to print your photos!

Get your Instagram photos

We grab your Instagram photos 50 at a time. Press the big button to start with the newest, or press the little arrow to start with older ones.

Select Instagram photos to print

Press the Get More button to get the next older photos, or use the Change Date button if you want to jump back to older ones.

Click on a photo to move it up to your cart, which is under the pop-up.

Click one of the Done buttons to close the pop-up and view your cart.

Edit your photos or order extra copies

You can edit your photos, including cropping and zooming, by opening the editor with the top left button.

Order more copies of a photo with the controls at the bottom.

Remove Instagram photos from your cart

To remove a photo from your cart, click the red delete (trash can) button. The photo will move back with the unselected photos below your cart. Remember, we never change or delete anything from your Instagram account.

Logout of Instagram

If you want to logout of Instagram, click on "Actions" at the top of the page, then click "Logout of Instagram".

Hint: If you have access to more than one Instagram account, you can get photos from both accounts for the same order.

  1. Logout of Instagram completely following our instructions that pop up.
  2. Use the your browser's Back button to return to Kanvess. We're saving your work as you go, so your other photos will still be there.
  3. Press the "Connect to Instagram" button again and follow the steps above to login with your other account details.

Sorry, but Instagram won't let you access photos from other people's accounts, even if you are tagged in the photo—you have to be able to login to the account.

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Instagram FAQs

Instagram is a photo sharing app for your mobile device that makes it easy to snap photos, apply filters and share them with friends. You can also view your account at

We connect to your Instagram account using the Instagram API (Application Programming Interface). Once logged in, you will need to authorize to load photos from your account.

Kanvess will never delete any photos, post any photos, or post any comments using your Instagram account. We only access your account so we can print the pictures that your order. You may remove that permission at any time.

Yes, but only if you can login to both accounts. If you can, use the "Logout" instructions above, and then login to your other account. We're saving your work as you go, so all of your photos can go on the same order.

No. Although it would be nice to print some of the amazing photos on Instagram, because of privacy and copyright issues, you can only order prints from your own Instagram accounts.