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File upload step-by-step

Go to the "Start Your Order" page

Get to the Start Your Order page either from the top menu, or the big button on the home page.

After you select your print type and shipping country (both required), go to the Choose Some Photos section and press the big button.

Open the file upload pop-up

Press the Files button to open the upload pop-up.

Select files to upload

The upload page will look different depending on what kind of device you are using (phone, laptop, etc.).

Hint: Start with a few files at a time and work up from there, since every device is different, and also to check your upload speed. Big files can take time.

Important: There may be a pause after you select your files. Please wait—you'll see the download start soon.

Also important: If your uploads get stuck, or if you decide it is taking too long, just close the upload screen. We'll save any uploads that were completed before you closed the screen.

The photos that you uploaded will appear in your cart.

Edit your photos or order extra copies

You can edit your photos, including cropping and zooming, by opening the editor with the top left button.

Order more copies of a photo with the controls at the bottom.

There are lots of ways to make them square using the editor, or you can print them just as they are, with white padding if they are not square.

Remove photos from your cart

To remove a photo from your cart, click the red delete (trash can) button. If you made different versions of the same photo (see above), only the one you click on will be deleted.

Try it Now!